8 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Party Entertainment

We can cover all kinds of events, from birthdays, going aways, retirements, poker parties, any kind of party.
Quite simply it’s our standards. We have hired the hottest, wildest and friendliest strippers in Charlotte. It’s an elite group that we have managed to put together because of our top pay and management abilities. You will love our girls and the effect they will have on your group of friends!
Our dancers are available for groups of at least 4 people or larger. The more the merrier, but be sure to order extra dancers if needed. We recommended one dancer for every 10-15 guys. All attendees must be 18 or older.
All attendees at the party must be 18 or older.
Our girls come fully equipped with all their tools and everything need to rock your event. All you need to do is have a bathroom for them to get ready.
The further in advance you can call us to book this the better. Early bookings get the best chance for the dancers of their choice and time of arrival. Having said this last minute booking can still be possible.
Yes you can book in advance without knowing the address of the location. Dancers can be sent to most any non public location in Charlotte, NC or surrounding areas. People have parties at their home, their friends home, a hotel suite, a party bus, a private room at a facility, the possibilities are endless!
You can have your party anywhere in the Charlotte North Carolina metro area. People usually hold parties at a private residence, hotel, lake house, and other locations that are not open to the public.


Helpful Bachelor Party Tips From The Pros

  • Allow a 30 min window for the dancers to arrive. Sometimes, the entertainers run a little late but will always show up. They will call you when they’re on their way.
  • Have a private area for the strippers to freshen up between dances and to leave their equipment.
  • Please pick one or two backup dancer from the website just in case the dancer you choose can’t make it.
  • Respect your entertainer! No name calling or grabbing! You will get a much better show this way, I promise.
  • They will let you know what you can or can’t do when they get started.
  • Have some bottle water for the dancers
  • Have plenty of tip money available to motivate they girls
  • No cameras! If you want to take a picture make sure you ask the entertainer. Before or after the show.
  • Ensure there is plenty of room for your dancer. Choose a good location that is uncluttered so your dancer has room to dance. That way you will be able to see all of the exotic moves your entertainer can show off.

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