Is A Discount Bachelor Party Right For You?

When it comes to planning a bachelor party, by no means is is necessary to spend 5 thousand dollars, but it does help if you are wanting to go on a trip. If you want to stay in Charlotte you can still have a good time without throwing out tons of money. 10 guys throwing in $150 each with everyone carrying extra money for incidentals would be a good start. Just don’t be the tight jerk who starts the party out like this.

Hot Dogs & Hamburgers On The Grill

The only time it’s acceptable to do the backyard barbecue thing is if your group is out in the middle of nowhere, everyone has been drinking so no one wants to drive. That could happen if your party is at Lake Norman, and I've been to many fantastic barbecues after spending the afternoon on a boat. If this is the situation then don’t cheap out with hot dogs. You can have chicken and steaks and still do this economically and tasteful.

Watching The Game At A Sports Bar

There is certainly some fun in getting together with all the guys at the local sports pub, play and watching the game. Invariably there will be draft beer specials and 50 cent wings, but you can do that anytime. It’s a special occasion so go all out with tickets to the Panthers game or race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Football or race weekends are an excellent reason to get people together for a bachelor party.

Camping As A Group Activity


What could be better than taking a group of your buds out into the wilderness to camp and do he man outdoor activities! Think again. Ok it could work it the group is all teetotalers. If you're like most guys "I want to stay sober all weekend with my buds" said none of your friends ever. The group doesn't want to wake up at the crack of dawn laying on the cold ground in a sleeping bag hungover. What are you supposed to do all day after that,take a long hike up the mountain and back? And where are the girls? Unless you plan to pitch a tent - no pun intended - in the middle of the Woman's March in Washington then your weekend will a sausage fest. So don't cheap out on the accommodations! Plan some outdoor exploration for mid morning, but get at least midlevel hotel rooms for the guys to crash.

Discount Strippers

There's always some guy who's a penny pincher on the strippers. He finds the lowest price with includes lap dances and the girls kissing show. When the girls show up they're not the girls in the photos provided and not as hot. They want more money than was agreed upon to do anything and you wish you had paid twice the amount for hotter girls. Don't be tight when budgeting for your strippers! Sure you may laugh about it later, but wouldn't you prefer decent girls in the first place. The hottest girls get the best rates because they can; the better looking the more money they will need to show up. You don't need to spend crazy amounts of cash just to get the dancers to your door - save that for tipping! - but don't expect much if you do this on a rock bottom budget.

It's a once in a lifetime event. Be economical, not cheap

Your bachelor party doesn't have to be straight out of Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, but you don't need to go bargain basement either. There are many excellent activities that will make a big impact on the bachelor weekend, as long as you do some advance bachelor party planning. The right group of guys can arrange a weekend of revelry and debauchery that will set the standard for years to come.

Don’t Go Crazy But Have Some Fun!

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