Plan Your Bachelor Party In Advance

What The Smart Best Man Knows

What happens when one unstoppable best man plans the bachelor party in advance? General revelry and mayhem ensues

Every weekend I get the same calls from either the best man or other guys in the party. At 7:30 on the Saturday the party is held they finally call; wanting two girls at 9:00. Of course these guys expect to be able to choose from a selection of dancers and to be able to get the top girls on very short notice. It’s hard not to laugh at the naivete. Smoking hot female strippers in Charlotte don’t sit around at 7:30 on a Saturday night wondering where they are going to make their next dollar; they are already on it. Sure, you may get lucky because there was a cancelation, but mostly the best dancers are already booked. Why? Because another bachelor party has already hired them for their event and they made their booking over a month ago. There are many other reasons why you should start planning your party in advance.
Start bachelor party planning now!

1 The best selection of exotic dancers is available to the early bird

We use real females, not robots! Some of the girls are more popular than other. Whether its because they have huge breasts, long blonde hair, a popping booty or put on a wicked performance, these girls are always the ones that stay busy because everybody wants them. When you make the arrangements to hire the stripper in Charlotte in advance, you will have the best opportunity to get the top dancers in town.

2 Having your itinerary arranged beforehand ensures a smooth evening

There’s nothing worse than all the guys looking at each other trying to figure out what to do during the bachelor party weekend. Don’t expect any ideas to be any better when everyone starts drinking; matter of fact all bad ideas for bachelor parties generally begin with “And we start drinking and….” So nows the time, weeks before the event, that you plan some activities. If there is a place you want to go, a show or game to attend, a stripper to hire for the groom then get together before the mayhem begins.

3 Planning meetings are overrated

Do you know how women plan their bachelorette parties? They start to get the details together way in advance. They will even have a party to plan the party. You know how women are when they get together, how everyone has their own agenda, soon it’s a big cluster rampage. Sadly, men are not that much better. The more guys you have in the planning stage the longer, more drawn out and complicated it will be. DO NOT do this! It will be much simpler for you to look at this like a project and complete it yourself. After you iron out the details then let the guys in on the schedule. It’s ok to fine tune some of the program at this point around the wishes of the groom and much better than getting 7 different guys involved.

4 Advance arrangements may be rewarded with discounts

If you have a group of guys coming in from out of town, you may need a hotel for everyone. Many hotels offer special pricing and even generous discounts if you make your reservation in advance. Don’t forget, a hotel is a great place to have the stripper come and do her show! After all no one wants to explain to their significant other the reason they found a long strange blonde hair. Other discounts available to those who don’t wait may include tickets to sporting events and reservations to a restaurant. A quick look at Groupon or LivingSocial can yield discounts on activities like Nascar racing or Paintball that you would never get when planning things on the spur of the moment.

5 When the party begins, you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your planning

You did it! You planned the details of your buddies bachelor party from start to finish. You booked some spiffy rooms uptown at a great discount. You’ve set up interesting group activities to do during the day, and hot strippers to keep the fun going at night. Why not relax, and enjoy the fun! You deserve it and enjoy your new reputation for throwing legendary bachelor parties.

The Best Bachelor Parties Are Planned In Advance With Sheer Decadence Strippers

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