8 Things You Secretly Hate About Bachelor Parties

The Bachelor Party List You Really Need

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Your good buddy is getting married; of course there will be a bachelor party. Since you're a veteran of many guys weekends, you may not be excited by all that may transpire. Things can go wrong and mishaps can occur. What are you secretly hating about the last weekend out for the groom?

  1. The bachelor party planning - If you're looking to do more than sit around the house and slam beers, then a Charlotte bachelor party will require much advance planning. Sure all the other guys say they will be involved and may make some preliminary efforts will be made but guess what? Somebody is going to drop the ball and you will be stuck with securing the location and hiring strippers. Who else are they going to count on? You.
  2. What to do besides strippers and booze - You can't spend the whole weekend drinking so you will need to come up with some activities that don't start with loaded bloody mary's for breakfast. When your group consists of people from all over the country and varying age groups, coming up with things to do that everyone can participate in will be challenging.
  3. The monetary expense - If all the guys live in town, then grilling hot dogs on your buddies grill with entertainment via pay for view may be all you need. Life is rarely that simple. In many cases people are coming in from out of town. One of the reasons Charlotte is a popular destination for bachelor parties is because getting into Charlotte is easy from anywhere in the country, hence it's nickname "the International Gateway To The South." There are many quality national hotel chains that you can get a room but with many guests the expense will run up. If your bachelor party weekend includes going to the football game then add tickets to that as well. Factor in food, booze, other activities, tips, strippers and what not, and you can spend a bunch of money.
  4. The mindless drunken binge - Drinking everyone under the table with shots of tequila may seem like a good idea at the time, but the hangover will last longer than the bachelor party. If you don't drink, you will be stuck with the task of driving the drunks around or arranging for a Charlotte transportation company.
  5. Get out of jail free card - There's always one guy in the crowd who can't handle anything after he hammers down 6 beers. He's loud and belligerent and wants to get into fights. Someone please uninvite that guy before you bail him out of jail. Seriously, having the police involved in any part of your weekend is not good.
  6. Visits to the emergency room - Someone always thinks it's a good idea to mix drinking with physical activity. Nothing puts an end to the bachelor party faster than the arrival of the ambulance. Things can get worse too if you’re interested in stories of the worst bachelor parties of all time.
  7. The efforts to humiliate the bachelor - What is up with the traditional embarrass the groom for the amusement of the rest of the group? Like dressing up the groom in a condom hat or lingerie and taking him to a public place. Or having the stripper spank him. Maybe somebody got all creative and came up with a scavenger list with gems like "get a girl to sign your chest."
  8. Finding out more about your buddies than you need to know - Perhaps you will bond over it? Haha no instead you end up in a photo that will be used to blackmail you by your well meaning friends.
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Your Checklist For Bachelor Party Planning

If you're the guy that all your buddies go to for planning legendary bachelor parties, then you know all about the 8 things you secretly hate about bachelor parties and probably have a few you can add to the list. If this is the first event you have thrown together, then take note so you can be sure to plan around them.
bachelor party planning checklist